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24 March 1992
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Though I go to you ceaselessly along dream paths~
Rather the blur-sotong. Or, to de-singlish it, quite the daydreamer. Also, has the tendency to procrastinate. Another unfortunate fact: Has frequent pangs of wanderlust depite having no sense of direction whatsoever. Will try to attain more lifeskills that will allow me to adequately travel without ending up dead in a ditch somewhere.
Is a part-time hobo at libraries and bookshops. Time flies by easily when you're happy, y'know? Other weaknesses include pastries, manga and movies.
Longer version on interests: Love the feeling that one gets when doing solitary activities in a crowded non-solitary place. Say, watching movies when its run is ending so it'll only be you and a couple of other people staring avidly at the screen in a huge, dark room. Shopping alone from time to time. Awkward people. People that have mad-sexy skills like cooking, writing, drawing well or being bi-tri-multi lingual. Dev-art hopping. Poems that cause that certain thumping of the heart. Words that flow well together. Random strangers that you're able to strike a conversation with that you'll never see again. People in love.
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